TubeBuddy, an essential tool to boost YouTube channel rankings

In 2018, whether you are an influencer, a media or even a company, it is difficult to do without video to communicate with your audience. And there are many platforms for this: website, Facebook, LinkedIn; you are spoiled for choice when it comes to sharing your production. However, in video hosting, one site is still and always synonymous with reference: YouTube.
But when the productions follow one another, and the improvements with… a tool can be useful to you to save time and develop your channel: TubeBuddy!


1.Bulk: edit and organize your videos in one click with TubeBuddy

The first use of a plugin like TubeBuddy is to save time on the layout and harmonization of your channel.
Imagine! You have been producing content for a few months and little by little, key by key, you are improving your productions to make them more professional. You started by adding a logo, then an intro at the beginning of each of your content, and today you think that a little CTA at the end could be very useful. With TubeBuddy you will be able to modify, add or remove all these elements – and many more – with just one click!
Indeed, the plugin allows the channel administrator to modify several parameters in a few minutes. Description, end screen texts, thumbnails… All you have to do is enter the desired modifications then select the videos concerned and you’re done.

2.TubeBuddy: Checklists for Heads Up

Another strong point of the plugin: the creation of checklists!
Whether or not you are used to posting videos on the platform, you will sometimes forget to fill in information. Who has never forgotten to add their latest video to a playlist?
When posting content to YouTube, TubeBuddy will check with you to see if certain criteria have been taken into account before you share it. Essential criteria for your video to be well referenced and to record a large number of views.
Did you pin a comment? Is your video associated with a playlist? Is the thumbnail you have chosen in high resolution?

3.Consult the statistics of your productions with TubeBuddy

Whether your video is interesting or not, shot in 4K or on the phone … the only thing that will make it successful is its number of views. Understand your audience.
And again TubeBuddy helps you see things more clearly. Whether it’s on videos from your own channel or from another brand, the plugin offers you a lot of useful stats. How many views was recorded by the video, how many comments did it record? The same goes for likes.

Classic? Certainly ! But the merit of such a plugin is that all this information is centralized in a single insert.
But where TubeBuddy is really interesting, it is by giving additional statistics, a little less mainstream, but useful to increase the notoriety of your channel.
This will tell you how many of your productions appear in the suggested videos. The number of tags to enter to appear in the YouTube search engine.
It’s over to open your browser in private mode to find the most searched keywords!

4.TubeBuddy: Tags generated and sorted!

Undoubtedly THE big strong point of the plugin! When uploading a video to YouTube, TubeBuddy offers tags related to the video. How? ‘Or’ What ? Quite simply from the title and description that you have entered.

No more long minutes of racking your brains on the subject.

But in addition to its practicality, this generation of keywords will allow your video to perform better on the platform.

And it’s not over: imagine that the TubeBuddy allows you to sort these tags according to their impact on SEO.

To put it simply, if a list of twenty tags is generated, TubeBuddy will prioritize them according to their number of appearances in the search bar. This tag optimization will allow better SEO of your video.

5.Help managing comments with TubeBuddy

Another interesting feature: the management of comments.
So, it’s true, such a need assumes that people leave comments on your video. But if you want to grow your channel, tell yourself that this problem will arise very soon.
By allowing you to display a greater number of comment pages, the plugin gives you an overview of the reactions of Internet users. And thus facilitates your interaction with them: important to reinforce the feeling of belonging to a community.
Another positive point, TubeBuddy allows you to record standard responses. Useful for answering recurring questions, right? Of course you can enter these standard sentences to modify them – and adapt them – to your interlocutor.



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  • the plugin is free to instal

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