Surfer SEO Reviews & Test – On-Page Optimization to reach the Top

Surf SEO – For those who prefer real data rather than ” I think … “.

Are you looking to discover the Surfer SEO tool and have a complete opinion  on it?

You are in the right place.

In this article I will go over all the characteristics and functionalities of this tool mainly dedicated to your On-Page SEO, but also compare it with other tools of the same kind in order to give you the advantages and disadvantages of Surfer SEO compared to its competitors. direct.

  1. Surfer SEO, the ULTIMATE Data-Driven Tool for On-Page SEO
  2. The functions of Surfer SEO
    1. SERP Analyzer: Analysis of the top pages of search results
    2. SEO Content Editor: Optimize your content to put the odds in your favor in order to reach the best place on Google
    3. Keyword Research: A New Way to Find Keyword Ideas / Questions
    4. SEO Audit: An effective analysis that gives you leverage to improve your positions
    5. Keyword Surfer plugin: The tool that simplifies your life directly in the search results
  3. Surf SEO or
  4. Surf SEO or YourText.Guru?
  5. Surf SEO or Yooda Insight?
  6. Surf SEO or Ubersuggest?
  7. Get help to manage Surfer Seo
  8. The importance of On-Page SEO to reach the top spots
  9. Benefits of Surfer SEO
  10. Disadvantages of Surfer SEO
  11. Languages ​​/ countries that work with Surfer SEO
  12. Surfer SEO rates
  13. Final Opinion on Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO, the ULTIMATE Data-Driven Tool for On-Page SEO

If you follow the International SEO Sphere, you have no doubt seen SEO giants like Matt Diggity, Matthew Woodward or Gaël Breton of Authority Hacker extolling the merits of the tool!

Quite frankly, it’s totally justified .

Surf SEO is an extremely comprehensive tool . It allows a complete analysis of your site, but also of the competitors on the queries you are targeting, making it possible to understand Google’s expectations for each query and therefore to give you the key points necessary to reach the first places.
Surfer SEO is a Data-Driven tool . That is, it is based on data and statistics to give you complete results .

This will allow you to no longer navigate in the fog and to have concrete data allowing you to make the On-page SEO process simpler , faster and more efficient .

Now let’s talk about the functionality of the tool.

The functions of Surfer SEO

Surfing SEO is without a doubt the most complete tool  I have seen in terms of On-Page SEO.
I particularly appreciate the fact that it effectively compares the pages present in the top of the search results in order to give you the key points to work on to improve the On-Page.

Here are the most important features of Surfer SEO.

SERP Analyzer: Analysis of the top pages of search results

The SERP Analyzer feature allows you to find out what is the optimal density  of keywords to put in your texts.

As you undoubtedly know, having too few keywords will not allow you to rank optimally , but having too few will also have the opposite effect and pull you down.
The Serp Analyzer looks at the keyword density of your competitors , allowing you to have the optimal range of keywords that will allow you to reach the best positions.

The tool also analyzes competitor backlinks in search results, allowing you to find link opportunities  by “stealing” those of your competitors.

Where SERP Analyzer is also of interest is for NLP  page analysis . NLP = Natural Langage Processing . Right now you may not have heard much about it, but I can assure you that in the years to come you will be hearing this acronym a lot more regularly, especially in SEO!

Summary of the Serp Analyzer  :

The tool is based on the first 50 pages of Google search results for the targeted query and analyzes more than 500 different factors  on these pages, making it possible to find the correlation points  between those which rank.

The analysis and interpretation of this data will allow you to know what to do optimally to optimize:

  • Text length
  • The number of titles
  • Page speed
  • Keyword density
  • NLP Entities and Sentiment
  • The number of backlinks.
  • The number of referring domain (RD)
  • The structure of meta tags.

 Access the SERP Analyzer now 

SEO Content Editor: Optimize your content to put the odds in your favor in order to reach the best place on Google

This SEO Surfer feature saves a lot of time  on creating writing conditions to give to your writers.
Concretely, the SEO Content Editor will  make it possible to generate guidelines to be respected for each article, based on the data of competitors and therefore perfect “rules” to be respected to optimize one’s chances  of reaching the top of the search results ranking.
This feature saves a tremendous amount of time and facilitates the exchange process between you and your editors. And as you well know, time is money  !

The SEO Content Editor automatically generates the optimal writing conditions for each article based on SERP Analyzer data  ( length of text to respect, number of paragraphs, subtitles, keyword density and much more … ) and allows you to send it in one click via a share link to your editor.
Of course, you can modify them by hand if certain points do not suit you or you want something specific.

When you receive the content, all you have to do is check it with the SEO Content Editor, and you will be able to see the criteria live in green  if they are met.
If they are not respected, they remain in orange.

Summary of SEO Content Editor:

This tool is an ” All-in-one ” to obtain guidelines to send to your editors in order to have articles perfectly optimized  for search engines, all in a simple to learn and terribly efficient way.  A big time saver, and above all writing conditions based on  real data  and not “ I think… ”. Access the SEO Content Editor now 

Keyword Research: A New Way to Find Keyword Ideas / Questions

This SEO Surfer tool helps you find the best keyword ideas  to target for each query.

Let’s be honest, a lot of people are still using the Keyword Planner, and the results of this tool are really crazy.
For keyword research I have tried everything, Ubersuggest, Yooda Insight, Semrush and more recently Ahref’s keyword research tool which I find very well done.
But Surfer SEO really takes it to the next level.

Again, this is an ” all-in-one ” keyword research tool that I particularly like for its ability to find keywords and phrases that stand out on similar search results.
This analysis of the similarities between search results is one of the best ways to get the best keywords, but especially to find keywords with little competition .

The tool will allow you, by providing it with a keyword or a query, to give you many ideas  of other keywords to target, especially for your long tail.

Surfing SEO will also allow you to find questions asked by users in relation to the keywords you are targeting.
For example, allowing you to answer them with a FAQ in your articles, once again allowing you to increase your natural traffic  thanks to positioning on long trains.

Obviously, you can apply this to your old articles which already rank on certain keywords, in order to optimize them even more on other complementary keywords.
For my part, I applied it to articles where I naturally ranked on the second page on long tail keywords.
After doing a little bit of optimization thanks to the recommendations of Surfer SEO’s Keyword Research, I very quickly  saw my articles appear on the front page  on the long tail, really effectively increasing the number of visitors  to my pages.

Summary of Keyword Research:

The functionality allowing to have access to the best keywords, long tail and questions asked by the users in order to optimize  your old articles as well as the new ones.
For my part, I really had excellent results  with this Surfer SEO feature. So I can only advise it.
You may have:

  • The list of keywords to target
  • Research volumes
  • User questions
  • Similar keywords and associated searches (Very interesting this specificity)
  • The “Other questions asked” of each request
  • Specific keywords by country
  • Direct analysis of search results
  • Direct integration with the Content Editor to save even more time.

 Explode your competition with Keyword Research 

SEO Audit: An effective analysis that gives you leverage to improve your positions

A complete audit of your pages to give you the key points  to work on as a priority to optimize your results .

Instead of having to do your analyzes bit by bit with different tools, you just have to put in the SEO Audit functionality, the keyword or the query targeted and the link of the page you want to show up in the search results. from Google.
Based on the data collected from the search results and your competitors, the audit will allow you to obtain an ” all-in-one recipe ” to obtain results as efficiently and above all as quickly as possible.

It will allow you in particular to have the density of keywords to add or remove, the NLP requests, the quantity of content to add or remove to avoid  over-optimization, the improvement  of your on-page structures, the number of image, but also the common backlinks between your competitors and which you could therefore obtain without too much difficulty.

Summary of SEO Audit:

An automated audit based on data from your competitors and Google search results to obtain recommendations to implement in order to effectively improve your ranking in search results.

Once again, this saves enormous time  and, above all, avoids human errors .
For my part, it saved me time because I’m more of a person who likes to check everything by hand. But I’m starting to have too much work to do, and SEO Audit has allowed me to improve my old pages much faster.
I just have to follow the recommendations and apply them… Pre-machined work  !

I think it’s also a feature that will save a lot of time for freelancers and agencies  who have multiple clients and want to optimize results quickly. Make your life easier with SEO Audit 

Keyword Surfer plugin: The tool that simplifies your life directly in the search results

A very interesting plugin which, I must admit, gave me a lot of ideas for keywords and even business.

It provides access to data directly in search results.

The Surfer SEO plugin is an interesting little bonus that will allow you to have ideas and to see in just a few clicks the level of difficulty to rank a keyword or a query.

Of course, as is often the case with this kind of difficulty assessment tool, it should be taken with a grain of salt and it deserves a little more investigative work. But let’s say that it allows to have a quick idea and especially to see if it can be worth working on such or such request.

Surf SEO or Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is really good, besides the free version is really interesting for those on a budget.

Despite everything, it does not come close to Surfer SEO which is much more complete . Obviously, the price is really not the same. If you have small needs, Ubersuggest will undoubtedly be better value for money for you.

But if you are really looking for the best of the best  and aren’t afraid to invest a little in your business, then Surfer SEO will be more suited  to you and your needs.

Get help to manage Surfer Seo

If, despite all the information on this page, using Surfer SEO still seems complicated to you, you may need some help. SEO is a fundamental and mandatory step if you want your business site to be optimized and well placed on Google, but it can be complicated for some people. It is therefore important to do SEO training in order to better understand all the criteria requested by Google and to be able to place yourself as it should on relevant keywords, while studying the competition.

The importance of On-Page SEO to reach the top spots

I told myself that it was still an essential point to address since we are talking about Surfer SEO, a tool that allows you to optimize your On-Page SEO …

On-Page SEO is a major element  of ranking on Google and therefore of your ability to obtain targeted natural traffic .

I am not one of the people shouting from the rooftops “Content is king!”.
For me, natural referencing is a whole: Content, On-page Optimization, and Off-page. A whole that works in symbiosis and each point of which deserves to be optimized .
If you want to work optimally, your sites and pages must have good content, good on-page optimization  and good netlinking and therefore off-page work.

But one thing is certain and besides the data collected and that you will be able to observe on Surfer SEO proves it: Having a good On-Page SEO REALLY allows you to reach the best places in Google’s search results. You will be able to have the best possible off-page, if your content is poorly optimized, you will not be able to reach the top 3 except with a huge stroke of luck which happens every 36 moons and which in addition will not be sustainable.

I repeat it one last time: The content, the on-page and the off-page work in symbiosis  and Surfer SEO will allow you to have an all-in-one tool  that will allow you to respond to content and on-page issues.  and very slightly off-page with the search for a similar backlink among your competitors ( where Ahref for example will be much better since it is specialized for the off-page ).Get access to the ultimate tool: SEO surfing 

Benefits of Surfer SEO

  • Complete all-in-one tool to optimize your content and on-page.
  • Data-driven , the tool is based on the analysis of more than 500 different factors and the correlation points between the 50 best results on each keyword requested.
  • The Audit functionality saves a lot of time by giving key points that are easy to implement to optimize your content.
  • much more complete tool than the majority of competitors for everything related to On-page SEO.

Disadvantages of Surfer SEO

  • Prices can be a bit off-putting for those on a budget.

Languages ​​/ countries that work with Surfer SEO

You will be able to get audits and data for the following languages ​​/ countries:

Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France , Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Swedish.

Surfer SEO rates

If you pay monthly:

  • Basic : $ 59 / month. Interesting for someone who works at one or two sites.
  • Pro : $ 99 / month. Perfect for a freelancer, a small agency, or someone who has multiple sites.
  • Business : $ 199 / month. The formula adapted for large needs, especially for large agencies or site publishing companies.

If you pay annually (saves 20% ):

  • Basic : 590$ / an.
  • Pro : 990$ / an.
  • Business : 1990 / an.

Final Opinion on Surfer SEO

Get access to the ultimate tool: SEO surfing 

I am really convinced  by this tool.

I have also canceled my subscription with one of the competitors  since I discovered Surfer SEO, quite simply because it has much more complete functionalities allowing me to save a little by avoiding having to have several different tools.

I appreciate the all-in-one  aspect of Surfer SEO.

It allowed me to save a lot of time  thanks to the audit which allows to gain in productivity on my optimizations .

And finally, it saved me a lot of time on the briefs I give to my editors since the tool allows me to generate them automatically. For now I still take the time to check them before sending them to my editors, but so far I have not found anything that needs modification… There is a good chance that I will stop checking what is wrong. will save me even more time. Surfing SEO is really excellent  on that!

In conclusion, this tool is one of the best that I have been able to test. I highly recommend you try it for a week with the $ 1/1 week offer which will let you see why I am bragging about it. Besides, a little clarification because I know that sometimes it’s scary to use your credit card to pay $ 1 since in general those who do that automatically renew your subscription by making you pay the full price.
Surfing SEO does NOT do  this.
If you do not make the renewal request yourself, you will not be charged and no subscription will be launched.

They have a very good reputation and want to keep it, especially since the majority of people who talk about it are very well known in the SEO sphere, they have no interest in losing credibility to earn a few dollars …

I hope that the article will have helped you to know more about Surfer SEO , see you very soon on

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