KWFinder – Review and Complete Tutorial

Do you want to appear in the first results of Google ? For that, there is no secret, you have to work on your natural referencing. But finding the most relevant keywords can sometimes be a headache.

To help you in this process, several entrepreneurs have implemented very efficient software . One of them is KeyWord Finder (KWFinder) .

It is a great SEO tool . By using it effectively, you will be able to boost the SEO of your website and arrive directly in the top position of search engines.

In this way, you will be able to increase your traffic , and of course your turnover.

So, if you want to learn more about KWFinder SEO analysis software , read on! I’ll explain everything there is to know about KeyWord Finder. Here is the program

1. What is KWFinder SEO analysis software?

2. What is the price of KWFinder?

3. Who is KWFinder for?

4. How do I get started with KWFinder?

4.1. 10-day discovery offer

4.2. The different features of KW Finder

4.2.1. KWFinder: keyword analysis

4.2.2. Serpchecker

4.2.3. Siteprofiler

4.2.4. Linkminer

4.2.5. SERP watcher

What is KWFinder SEO analysis software?

KWFinder was launched in 2014 to help web marketers boost their SEO. As the name suggests, KeyWordFinder is SEO software for keyword research.

So it is true, at present, there are dozens of tools to optimize the natural positioning of a site . KWFinder is also a competitor of Long Tail Pro software, and many other SEO solutions.

But all of these tools are often very expensive and offer multiple functions that are unnecessary. KWFinder offers very attractive prices (which I will discuss later) and only the most relevant features to boost your SEO.Click here to discover KWFinder

This SEO solution allows you to boost your positioning on Google thanks to several features:

  • Analysis of the number of searches on a keyword : Each keyword is analyzed in depth in order to give you a general trend on its relevance.
  • The list of related keywords : When you ask for a keyword, KWFinder will offer you several related suggestions. For example, if you use hotels in Corsica, you can have: hotels in Corsica in July, cheap hotels in Corsica, hotels in Corsica prices, best hotels in Corsica, etc.
  • The general degree of competition : For each request, KWFinder gives you a level of difficulty. This gives you an idea to position yourself on such or such request.
  • Google SERP Analysis: KWFinder analyzes Google’s results page to help you rank.
  • Analysis of keywords used by competitor sites : In addition to helping you find relevant keywords, KWFinder helps you observe the competition to place you in a better position.

At present, KWFinder is an extremely powerful SEO analysis software with a database of 1.6 billion keywords, over 100 million keywords checked every month, and over 50,000 locations.

Click here to do your first search

What is the price of KWFinder?

KWFinder offers different formulas to adapt to each user profile . Note that it is possible to pay annually or monthly.

Personally, I invite you to subscribe to the monthly payment to spread the withdrawals.

Let’s take a look at the details of each offer:

Basic formula – € 29.90 / month: With this option, you have an SEO tool that is half the cost of professional tools. Here you can use several functions, namely:

  • KWFinder for keyword research
  • Search checker in order to analyze the results page of Google
  • Site Profiler to find out the profile of a website
  • Tracking of competing sites

We will see these different functions in more detail later.

This formula allows you to see 100 keywords per day. This concerns the keyword you are going to type, not the suggestions.

Conversely, for Long tail pro, the basic offer offers 10,000 keywords, taking into account the suggestions. This greatly reduces the number of keywords.

In addition, with this offer, you can check up to 25 competing keywords.

Premium formula – € 39.90 / month: This option is recommended for all people who have several sites and who wish to push SEO even further.

It allows you to check 500 keywords daily . From the premium plan, KWFinder no longer limits the search for competing keywords.

Agency formula – € 79.90 / month: Here, we are more on the big natural referencing machines , such as digital strategy agencies.

There, you can have access to 1200 keywords per day and no limitation in the search for keywords of competing sites.

In my opinion, KWFinder stands out strongly from its competitors when it comes to price. The more complete the formulas, the more interesting the KWFinder price is.Click here to discover the formulas on the official website

Who is KWFinder for?

KWFinder is aimed at all web marketers , whatever their level. Whether you are a blogger, website creator, niche site or Ecommerce site, KWFinder SEO analysis software is very useful on several levels:

  • KWFinder allows you to get ideas for themes by analyzing the keywords of a competitor site.
  • It can also help you find out if a niche is viable . If you are just starting to create your site, you first need to know if it will allow you to make a living. Thanks to the different features of KWFinder, you will know if there are enough searches for a keyword. If this is the case, then your niche site idea could help you make money online. In addition, this SEO analysis software will give you an idea of ​​the competitiveness of keywords on Google.
  • The SEO tool can finally help you get an idea of ​​what content to write through related research . It is not always easy to know what will appeal to Internet users. Thanks to its algorithm, KWFinder will give you all the ideas for articles to place you in a better position on search engine results.

How to get started with KWFinder?

In order to get started with KWFinder SEO analysis software, a discovery offer is available. Thanks to this free trial offer, you have access to all the features offered by this SEO tool for a period of 10 days.

10-day discovery offer

If you are not yet sure you want to invest in SEO analysis software, don’t panic! KWFinder offers you a 10-day discovery offer. 

To take advantage of it, it’s very simple! Just go to the KWFinder page and click on “Start your 10 day free trial”. From there, you will simply have to create your KWFinder account by entering your contact details (email, password, phone). You will then receive an email to confirm your account. And now, voila !

So if you still hesitate, take advantage! This KWFinder discovery offer will allow you to test all the features of this extra powerful SEO tool. Click here to take advantage of the 10 days offered

The different features of KW Finder

The KWFinder SEO analysis software offers you several features to come first in Google results.

KWFinder: keyword analysis

How does KWFinder work? It is very simple ! To start, all you need to do is enter a keyword.

With this tool, you will see the number of searches associated with your keyword. SEO analysis software gives you monthly search volume . Depending on the time of year, this volume may therefore vary from month to month.

Example: Hotels in Corsica. Research will be more important as the summer season approaches.

So you can see the trend for each keyword. 

In addition to giving you the monthly volumes, you can see the evolution year after year .

If you have a business, this is a good way to know if your product tends to grow over the years, or if, on the contrary, searches are decreasing (and therefore sales).

In addition, KWFinder has implemented a rating system . Indeed, the SEO analysis software provides you with a difficulty scale. 

  • Between 0 and 29: these are the preferred words for beginners in SEO.
  • Between 30 and 40: you must already be familiar with SEO.
  • From 40: it is preferable to have several tools to optimize natural referencing.

KWFinder is in my opinion one of the best SEO software for finding the most relevant keywords.

KWFinder also provides the CPC (in dollars). This is the cost per click. CPC is only for people who want to pay for advertising.

At a glance, you know the amount of the cost of a click.

Then you have the SERP overview . Among the available metrics, you have access to EV, namely the number of estimated visits. You have other functions thanks to the SERPchecker.

kwfinder result


By clicking on SERP Analysis, you will be able to see how the Google results page is made up.

This will allow us to understand why a site is in first position on search engines . Thus, you know which areas to improve if you want to surpass yourself or overtake your competitors.

More specifically, the SERP checker gives you several clues:

  • LPS : It gives you the authority of the site . To take the example of hotels in Corsica, TripAdvisor is a site with great authority. However, that does not necessarily mean that he will always end up in first position. It will depend on a whole set of parameters.
  • Quote flow : this allows you to predict the influence of a URL. KWFinder offers you a scale from 0 to 100 depending on the number of backlinks.
  • Trust flow : Here you can predict the influence of the URL, not by the quantity of backlinks, but the quality. This concerns backlinks from authority or trusted sites.
  • Domain authority : This is a score calculated according to an algorithm.
  • Page authority : SERPchecker gives you a score relative to the page you are viewing.
  • Refering domaine : These are the links that refer to your site. The more links you have, the more likely you are to be well positioned. This can make the difference with a site that has greater authority (such as Tripadvisor for hotels in Corsica).
kwfinder Serpchecker


You find several metrics, such as trust flow, citation flow or alexa rank .

The alexa rank determines the sites of authority.

For example, in position number 1, we find Google, then Amazon, Ebay, etc.

You can observe the profiles of the links with a chronology in time. These are all the links that are worked on during the existence of a website.

You can see new links generated in the last 4 months , lost links, link distribution.

The Siteprofiler function also gives you an indication of the ratios of links followed by search engines (do follow or no follow links). You also find the referring sites which send you back links, or the anchors of texts, their composition, etc.

And one of my favorite options is top content . This tells us how many times our pages have been shared. You can categorize by sharing on social networks, sharing by links, etc. Thanks to this tool, you can know the link strategy of your competitors.

Finally, you find competitors. This gives you the main metrics of the site you are analyzing.

kwfinder Siteprofiler


This allows you to analyze the link profiles of a website. You find a multitude of very interesting information that we have already seen previously.

To do your analysis, you can rank the sites according to these metrics . For example, only do follow links, active links, deleted links, etc.

If you click on the site on which you have your link, you obtain several information (do follow links, redirection, etc.).

kwfinder Linkminer

SERP watcher

This last feature allows you to analyze the variation in the positions of your competitors in relation to a list of keywords. Note, this is not the best performing part of KWFinder.

It is still under development and will improve thereafter. Nevertheless, it has the merit of being present and gives you an idea of ​​the competition.

In my opinion, KWfinder is a very interesting tool whatever your site (niche site, ecommerce, affiliation, etc.). All the applications can be useful to you to develop your online business.

So if you start your website:Click here to take advantage of the 10 days offered

You will see that at the end of this period, you will no longer be able to do without the KWFinder SEO analysis software.

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